“The Artist” fine art print

“The Artist” fine art print

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A high quality print of a beautiful flapper girl from the 1920’s. She didn’t know she would be an inspiration to the women of the future and that her rebellious spirit showed us who we could be! 

This print is on the highest quality archival paper and is signed and numbered. Only 100 available. 

I was finished with this painting and then I wasn’t. It came out really pretty but it was too “normal”. I didn’t feel anything. She told me she wanted to be an artist and she didn’t just want to be a pretty face. So I let her artistic side show and then it was finished. I don’t know if I paint the way “real” artists paint. I was never trained and I paint what I feel until it tells me it’s done. I’m definitely Type A and I’m super critical of myself and my work but I know art is subjective and I’m really trying to be more positive about my work. You can watch the process video on my YouTube channel. And I do take commissions for art!


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