About Me

After 20 years in the salon industry and 7 years as a partner with 12 Ounce Studios tattoos, I am starting a new chapter offering Digital Marketing, Brand Development, and consulting for small business owners.

Robin Dorton digital marketing, brand development for small business and independant stylists and artists

I opened and operated a very successful salon that I built completely from scratch, but unfortunately was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis only 1 year after opening. I pushed through and worked as hard as I physically could for as long as my body would let me, but I just couldn’t continue. Being a salon owner is a physically demanding job and having a debilitating illness made it nearly impossible to keep up.

It is very difficult finding people who are trustworthy to help manage the daily operations. I ran into quite a few issues with this while trying to put a manager in place. I don't like going into too much detail publicly, but the people I trusted decided to take everything I built from me and move around the corner. Without that, I just couldn’t handle it by myself. The stress, both physically and mentally, took its toll and caused so many flare ups of the disease. I made the most difficult decision to let it close.

To be honest, it took a long time to get over how devastated I was to lose my business and literally everything I had saved from my career. I didn’t think there would be a light at the end of the tunnel or that any doors would open for my future. Without physical health what could I possibly do with my career and experience? After almost a year I finally realized that helping others was something I had to continue. I spent my life trying to help others reach their goals and feel more confident and I knew I needed to continue doing that, regardless of what path I took.

I helped open both locations of 12 Ounce Studios, and worked there after my other jobs, to help get it building and running smoothly. I taught them everything I had learned about running successful social media accounts, and trained their awesome manager for several weeks before he started. I opened the Cherry Hill location of Ulta and built the salon into the Top 2 position in the district within 2 years. I opened Salon Head Candy and built it into a multi-award-winning and very successful salon within 1 year! When physically able, I can do some amazing things!

I’m a very experienced hairdresser, having traveled all over the country teaching the latest trends to other industry professionals. I am a Certified Master Haircolorist with advanced training in all aspects of color, along with a certification in extensions, Vidal Sassoon cutting, Sebastian cutting and styling, BbU Salon Business training, and much more.


I'm very excited to start putting my skills and experience to good use for other small business owners!